5 Easter Flowers to Celebrate the Start of Spring

Posted on April 20, 2011

Tulips make perfect Easter flowers. When tulips start blooming, we know that spring has sprung! Tulips are some of the first flowers to blossom in early spring, and have become an iconic symbol of the season. Easter is also celebrated at the start of spring, so it’s no surprise that tulips have become synonymous with the holiday. Along with other spring perennials like lilies, amaryllis, daffodils, and hyacinths, tulips make perfect Easter flowers.

Easter Flower Origins

The change of seasons in the spring is associated with new life, so bright new spring blossoms are especially meaningful at Easter. According to Christian beliefs, Easter also symbolizes the rebirth of Christ; lilies sprung up from Jesus’ blood drops, which make Easter lilies especially significant traditional flowers for religious celebrations.

Choosing the Right Easter Flower Bouquets

Send daffodils for Easter with NYC flower delivery. Many early spring flowers have vibrant, lively colors, so the best Easter flower bouquets will show off a wide array of hues. If you’re sending Easter flowers using flower delivery in NYC, bright, perky bouquets of multi-colored tulips will make anyone smile. Look for yellow daffodils, red tulips or purple hyacinths to create the perfect Easter flower centerpiece. If your Easter flower centerpiece will be gracing a dinner table, choose flowers with mild fragrances so as not to interfere with savory cooking smells. Tulips are good choices for this reason as well, as they carry very little scent. Calla lilies and amaryllis flowers are also very mildly scented, as well as being stunning, compact flowers perfect for a dinner table presentation. Easter is a holiday that symbolizes new life, and flowers are especially meaningful additions to any Easter event. Not celebrating in any special way? Fresh flowers are still a great way to mark the turn of the season, and the start of a new year. For Easter flowers or spring flower delivery in NYC, take a look at our collection of Spring Flowers or give us a call at (212) 687-3434.

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