Spring Collection



Pastel Passion

Nothing says spring time like pastel tulips

Spring Garden

A beautiful collection of yellow daffodils, orange tulips, blue hyacinths and mini green hydrangea and accented with ivy and presented in a leaf lined glass cube.

Spring Blooms

Dutch hydrangea serves as a beautiful nestling place for bright and sunny yellow tulips and ranunculus. Blue hyacinths partner with lavender to spring up within the sunshine.

Blackberry Plum

Tones of purple are gathered into an all white ceramic vase with interesting sculptured greens. Vanda orchids, purple hyacinths, purple roses and tulips play interestingly against each other.

A Wink and A Nod

A gentle selection of blushing pink tulips are paired with hot pink vanda orchids for a perfect combo of sugar and spice.

Hidden Tulips

Do you see the Tulips? They are playing Hide-n-Seek, a lovely pop of purple that adds just the right touch of flare.

Orchid Annotated

Pink and yellow tulips are gathered and hand tied and placed in a rectangular vase and beautifully finished with a purple orchid.

Lavender Kiss

An adorable collection of lavender freesia blooms, blue hyacinth kissed with white cymbidium orchids. All of these bright cheerful blooms are gathered into an opaque white glass vase.