At Big Apple Florist we help a business make a unique first impression using our floral expertise. With Weekly flower arrangements NYC businesses set the mood by creating a sense of elegance, creativity, a contemporary aesthetic, a traditional feel or a custom conceit that stands out. When you client come to your business, our design consultants want them to have a sensory experience filled with engaging sights and smells extending from the interior and exterior. They can work their magic on a hotel, corporate office, restaurant, bar, retail establishment, and a commercial office or a luxury residential building.

Which flowers and plants make for a vital office?

Every one of our monthly and weekly floral arrangements is made with quality flower, greenery, or finely designed planters. One of the Big Apple Florist’s design consultants will combine their ideas with yours to develop inspired NYC weekly flowers that can be thoroughly modern, adorned with structural pieces for texture and layered designs, or made to be elegant and soft! Every one of our arrangement is meticulously constructed to compliment a professional environment found in the upscale offices of New York City. We can bring a new and lively air to your office in the form of weekly or monthly floral décor.  Big Apple Florist is dedicated to ensuring the creation of floral masterpieces that are indicative of a certain corporate sensibility.

Our weekly flower arrangement service at work

When Big Apple Florist visits your business, we discuss which plants and containers best fit into the feel and décor of the space.  To facilitate this, we arrange a complimentary consultation with a floral design specialist at your earliest convenience. Additionally, we offer regularly scheduled maintenance for your planter and flower arrangement.


Create A Sense of Elegance With Weekly Flower Arrangements NYC

Need Same Day Flower Delivery in NYC? No Problem!

Looking for a NYC flower delivery service but aren’t sure if you can find it for same day delivery? Look no further than Big Apple Florist, NYC’s premier florist since 1946.

At Big Apple Florist, we know how sometimes you can forget to order that arrangement till the very last minute. Working, commuting, and living in the big city can be hectic and sometimes the quick pace of New York effects the big days or big plans. But Big Apple Florist has got you covered. We deliver flowers and plants daily in metro New York City daily, with our first deliveries going out at 9 am in the morning, and the very last ones at 6 pm nightly.

Freesia Valley

Our same day delivery service includes some of the most warm and pleasing arrangements on the market like the Freesia Valley arrangement. This bouquet, based on the colorful flower created by a famed German botanist, is subdued but inviting. The bouquet itself includes yellow cymbidiums mingled into purple veronica, blue hyacinth, and of course lavender freesia. It is an ideal arrangement for signifying a special event or to make a regular day special.

Radiant Rays

As the name implies, Big Apples Florist’s Radiant Rays arrangement is an effervescent and glowing bouquet that is sure to catch an eye. The arrangement is composed of bright and engaging little orange ranunuculus, standout green roses, mini green hydrangea, and for the sake of simplicity a carefully sorted allotment of yellow daffodils. This bouquet is ideal choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of Big Apple Florist’s NYC flower delivery to brighten someone’s day.



NYC Flower Delivery – Same Day Delivery!

Our Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements – NYC Flower Delivery from Big Apple Florist

Not sure what to get him or her for Valentine’s Day? Go with the age old choice; flowers. This year we are proud to announce a varied, yet stunning mix of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. Get you Valentines Day Flower Delivery from Big Apple Florist this year. Looking for something different then your typical red rose arrangement? My Li’l Valentine may be the arrangement for your mate, with a stunning mix of pink roses and white cymbidium orchids the My Li’l Valentine stands out as a unique yet gorgeous Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. Check out which of our arrangements below you’d like for your next nyc flower delivery.


The Heart of Romance Arrangement

Looking for a classic red rose arrangement with a little twist? The Heart of Romance arrangement has a stunning mix of red roses arranged in a heart with white cymbidiums. Accented with rolled ti leaves, The Heart of Romance blends traditional styles with a modern twist that will leave your partner with love and hearts on their mind.

See Arrangement

BA + NY 4 EVA Arrangement

The BA + NY 4 EVA Arrangement is the romantic equivalent of carving you and your partners initials on a tree, with a heart around it. This arrangement contains a beautiful mix of lily grass shaped into a heart, with a birch tree lined vase. Hot pink mokara orchids coordinate with the veronica and the roses that make this piece as unique as it is gorgeous.

See Arrangement

MY Li’l Valentine

An adorable yet petite arrangement containing a mix of pink roses and white cymbidium orchids that sit gently in a sleek mercurcy glass vase. A simple, yet memorable Valentine’s Day flower arrangement that will be cherished and remembered by your partner. Perfect for nyc valentines day delivery as it could fit neatly on a desk or on a coffee table.

See Arrangement

New York City Romance

What is more fairytale-esque that a New York City love story? Complete your Valentine’s Day love story today, with nyc flower delivery from Big Apple Florist.

Frilly edged heart roses mixed with vibrant blue vanda orchid provide a stunning a strong pair to provide variety and uniqueness to this year’s arrangements. The stunning blue vanda and roses are softened beautifully by some dusty miller with looped lilly grass.

See Arrangement

NYC Valentines Day Flower Delivery

We’ve all heard the age old adage, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Weekly corporate floral services will set the stage to provide the one and only chance to convey an elegant, creative, contemporary, traditional or custom concept for that edge over the competition. From the moment clients enter your lobby, we will create a sensory experience for them -visual, olfactive, and even textural…an experience that can extend to landscape the interior and exterior of your corporate office, hotel, retail establishment, bar, restaurant, and luxury residential or commercial office building.


Where can weekly flower arrangements best fit in my office ?

Walkways, corridors, conference rooms, reception desks, and common areas can all be beautifully accented and enhanced when you book a complimentary floral design consultation for weekly flower services with one of our design specialists. Our experienced designers will help you hand pick and create fresh, seasonal, one of a kind creations and accent greenery artfully arranged in assorted decorative containers. To adorn your work space we will work with you to conceptualize and execute a floral landscape to best suit your needs and desires.

What types of flowering plants make more robust office arrangements?

All of our weekly and monthly floral arrangements are constructed of the finest and freshest seasonal blooms and planters. Our design consultants will use their vision (or yours) to inspire a variety of floral arrangements ranging from modern and structural pieces to textural, layered pieces…soft and elegant, or unique and edgy! Each arrangement is carefully chosen to best complement every type of business in New York City. The possibilities are plentiful to bring your weekly or monthly floral design vision to life. At Big Apple Florist we are dedicated to creating masterpieces that reflect your corporate style.

Over the last several years, orchid plants have become increasingly popular.  Their simple elegance & longevity make them an ideal choice for your office space. Orchids require little care and effort. Furthermore, an orchid arrangement in your office environment is a inexpensive way to display the artistry of nature. With minimal attention, we guarantee your orchid plant will last beautifully for months to come!


Upside down amarayllis bouquets

How does weekly flower arrangement service work?

During our initial visit, we will work with you to select the plants and containers that best suit your needs in the desired areas to be decorated. We will set up a complimentary consultation with one of our floral design specialists at your convenience  We can also provide regular scheduled maintenance for your flowers and planters if requested.

What happens if I don’t need flowers every week, but will want them bi-weekly or even monthly?

Not to worry. Our dedicated team of floral design professionals work one-on-one with our valued customers to develop an individual schedule that meets your exact needs – whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly floral services arrangements. Our floral concierge service is risk free…you can easily put your standing order on hold or cancel at anytime.


NYC Weekly Flower Arrangements – Design Your Office to Impress

For NYC Holiday Decor, Big Apple Florist is your one stop shop!

Let Big Apple Florist deck your halls this holiday season, so you can spend more time spreading holiday cheer! Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our unique and stunning holiday decor. Pine cone centerpieces, mini potted poinsettias, decorative wreaths… pine and holly tied together with festive bows can be used to adorn reception desks, conference rooms, and hallways. We also carry beautiful, faux, pre-lit, stunningly decorated Christmas trees and garland. Our corporate Christmas decorations vary in size, fitting whatever your needs may be, including toppers for your tree to add that special touch that will impress and amaze your guests. Our toppers include bows, stars, angels, plus all types of lights and ornaments. Aside from our wide variation of gorgeous trees, we also offer festive holiday wreaths. Our floral design experts will create the perfect wreath to embody your vision. We have both fresh and faux wreaths. If you want something that will turn any office from ordinary to festive look no further, than our Mini Boxwood & Cypress trees will leave you speechless! Available in a plethora of colors to match any personality and decor, these beautiful pieces can be trimmed to your liking. They’re ideal for any desktop or small room, but these small decorations will leave a big impact on any office! Big Apple Florist can light up your workplace and make it most irresistible, seamlessly and elegantly from inception to installation.


Does Big Apple Florist do corporate holiday party services?

Your company’s holiday party is an opportunity for colleagues and clients to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Let Big Apple Florist  cater to all your office holiday party needs! Big Apple Florist provides elegant tree rentals, rich floral table centerpieces, and floral décor for hallways and common areas to set the holiday mood and impress. Enhance the look of your catering displays with gorgeous winter arrangements and accents such as table runners, candles, and a myriad of holiday bling accessories! The décor you choose for your corporate party is essential. Whether it may be a grand event or a more modest gathering, Big Apple Florist will make sure that your event is nothing short of perfection. Since 1946, customers have trusted us to construct elegant, one of a kind arrangements for their corporate parties. There is no limit as to what we can achieve for your specific event making sure the experience is always impeccable. Our team is always committed to developing a customized plan for your office winter wonderland or holiday extravaganza!! But why stop at the interior spaces only? Our comprehensive services include exterior decorations. Our striking store-front displays and festive window decorations can set the magical tone for this holiday season beginning at your doorstep! Create a winter scene using colorful bright lights, wreaths, beautiful pine trees and wreaths, swags potted poinsettias, and mistletoe to name a few! Make a spectacular impression on your visitors and increase pedestrian traffic to your establishment too! For a treat that stimulates the senses completely, don’t forget to ask about our premium scenting services as well! We also offer Hanukkah and Kwanza decorations.


How should I reach out to Big Apple Florist for holiday services or holiday office decor?

This holiday season, leave the stress and planning to Big Apple Florist. You can call or email us to set up a complimentary holiday consultation at your office or venue of choice. Alternately you can fill out a request on our website. One of our expert holiday decorators will promptly contact you to schedule your consultation.

Happy Holidays!!

NYC Holiday Decor – How can Big Apple Florist decorate my office for the holidays?


Why have weekly flower arrangements delivered to my NYC office?

Floral arrangements and decorative plants have been linked to general well-being for years. Weekly flower arrangements from Big Apple Florist can provide a host of benefits in the work environment. Being surrounded by beautiful flowers stimulates the senses visually by providing a beautiful and calming esthetic, and the olfactory sense as well via their pleasant and soothing aromas. The vibrant colors of the flowers have been proven to lift your mood and make you feel more at ease. Moreover, floral arrangements also stimulate the mind. Flowers and ornamental plants can positively impact mood, creativity, and productivity. Scientists have proven people produce higher quality work in environments enhanced by weekly floral arrangements. Studies show plants help people concentrate and produce work with less mistakes and of better quality compared to work environments devoid of nature. Memory performance and attention span are reported to improve by 20 percent. From a creative perspective, workers in office environments with weekly flower arrangements and plants produced thinking that was more innovative. They also generally developed more ideas and better solutions to problems compared to those who did not have the benefit of flora in the workplace. Additionally, workers reported they felt flowers enhanced the attractiveness and comfortability of their workplace. Employees report feeling happier, less stressed, and more relaxed which in turn improves mental cognition and performance.

While your employees enjoy the beauty and benefits of weekly floral arrangements, your clients will be impressed with the decor enhancing advantage plants can lend to a workspace.

At Big Apple Florist, our floral specialists will help you enhance your office from inception to installation: from selecting bloom colors and types of floral arrangements, to ideas for placement, we can show you how to project your weekly floral arrangements as a work of art by creating a focal point that will breathe new life into your workspace and convey a remarkable sense of sophistication. For example, placing a beautiful arrangement in the entryway can provide a dramatic first impression for clients. Additionally, weekly plants or

flowers on employees desks can give a welcome relief from the glare of the computer screen. Using vivacious colors can improve mood and facilitate relaxation when the pressure and demands of the workday become too challenging. Lobbies, break rooms and hallways are some other locations where flowers can be placed to enhance the ambience of your work environment.

NYC Weekly Flower Arrangements – Bring Some Life To The Office

Can Big Apple Florist provide corporate floral services to my workplace?

At Big Apple Florist, we are experts at providing offices with weekly flower arrangements, and plant maintenance. Big Apple Florist has an extensive history of providing corporate floral services for a variety of businesses in NYC since 1942. At Big Apple Florist we provide a wide range of aromatic and attractive arrangements that breathe life into your office space. Providing weekly flower arrangements  that augment the design of a modern office and add some warmth to a classically or more modern decorated work space. At Big Apple Florist our expert florists are ready to create customized arrangement designs. Access to such magnificent foliage and a knowledge of how plants work in a business setting, are why Big Apple Florist has filled thousands of offices with fresh weekly flower arrangements.


What are the benefits of weekly flower arrangements in the office?

The presence of plants and flowers in the office increases morale and creativity in the work place. This goes for everything from succulents to aromatic floral arrangements. Corporate floral services can give a business a competitive edge when it comes to developing a calm and confident work force – and providing an improved work space to bring clients to. Businesses have become even more successful when their employees like where they work. Plants have also been scientifically linked to creativity and receptive thinking. Part of their appeal is that they show employees that management takes an interest in creating an enriching environment where they can work. Offices that invest in corporate floral services have been shown to have an increase in terms of employee productivity.

What types of arrangements can big apple provide my office on a weekly basis?

Like any quality New York florist, Big Apple Florist provides corporate floral services NYC featuring weekly floral delivery and plant maintenance. At Big Apple Florist we can provide plants that fit effortlessly into a lobby adding a sense of nature and volume into an otherwise stagnant space. We also provide plants that are just the right shape and size for cubicles to bring a sense of warm and zen to otherwise bare and cold work environments. At Big Apple Florist we have reception area plants designed to create a warm and calming environment. Big Apple Florist also has the horticultural resources and specialists needed to make an individual office feel like an oasis.

Big Apple Florist has been providing the corporate floral services NYC businesses desire for decades. At Big Apple Florist, we carry a wide range of vases, arrangements, and bouquets you need to create just the right décor and environment for your employees and clients. Weekly flower arrangements will also help to drive home your company’s philosophy and brand in a way no other decorations can. Office flower arrangements are a perfect way make an office a place where people want to work.

Corporate Floral Services – NYC Weekly Flower Arrangements

Plant rentals nyc – use big apple florist for all your event needs!

Big Apple Florist offers plants for rental to offices all over New York City, as well as shorter term event rentals. Big Apple Florist has built a reputation based on offering a wide variety of plant rentals to fit the needs of their clients. Big Apple Florist has been beautifying New York offices for more than seventy years with second to none design and service. At Big Apple Florist we have a reputation for great customer service with our retail customers, and our corporate clients, many of which have used us for plant rentals for years.  We provide long term rentals, expertly designed office plants as well as temporary short term plant event rentals. Our plant rentals nyc will brighten the office and create an air of professionalism. The plant experts at Big Apple Florist can make a plain, barren office into a haven of creativity and a reception desk more welcoming to customers and clients. Big Apple Florist’s record of providing plant rentals NYC-wide comes from providing both traditional designs and more modern designs. Big Apple Florist is a plant rentals NYC hub and can provide the event plant rentals NYC companies need for holidays, anniversaries, and product launches.


What type of plants rentals are available for events?

Those looking for event orientated flowers and plants need look no further. At Big Apple Florist we routinely install plants in the respected Jacob Javits Convention Center for tradeshows & events.  Big Apple Florist offers a selection of plants for rent that are perfect for events such as roadshows and additional foliage in an event hall. The addition of these well-maintained plants will bring an aura of sophistication and polish to any event.

Big Apple Florist has plants that can turn a vacant space on a grassy area into a well-plotted outdoor event. Our plant experts are skilled at creating movable environments that have an energizing effect on the surroundings. When it comes to providing plant delivery nyc, we provide premium floral and plant services for all types of events and tradeshows. All of Big Apple Florist’s plants come well groomed and in premium quality. The leaves will shine and the pruning will be perfect to create the effect you desire. If you are wondering where to find plants rental florists nyc then make sure and look for a florist like Big Apple Florist that will look to make every detail exactly what you need.

Where I can I find a good nyc florist for nyc office plants? 

Finding the right plant rentals NYC florist can be challenging, at Big Apple Florist have a way forward for you. As a proven resource for plant rentals, office flower arrangements, and plant maintenance. Big Apple Florist will leave you satisfied and without having to worry about your office plant needs. They offer a free consultation to help upgrade the look of your office. These florists and their expert maintenance staff ensure that when the flowers arrive and are installed, they gleam and look as attractive as they should be when showcased at an event. After they have an idea of what you need Big Apple Florist can acquire design and groom the plants you need.

Plant Rentals NYC: Event Rentals From Big Apple Florist

Why choose Big Apple Florist for your NYC wedding flowers?

Big Apple Florist has been making a name for itself as the premier nyc wedding florist in Manhattan since 1945. Big Apple Florist have been the source for NYC wedding flowers providing customers with stunning bouquets and arrangements for decades. Each of Big Apple Florist’s wedding bouquets are meticulously crafted to either reflect traditional standards, more modern standards, or even completely custom designs. When it comes to bringing wedding flowers together in one common beautiful theme, there is no better nyc wedding florist then Big Apple Florist. wedding-centerpiece

What type of wedding centerpieces can big apple florist offer?

At Big Apple Florist, we provide traditional centerpieces, as well as modern centerpieces that match with the latest wedding flower trends. In addition to the standard modern and traditional centerpieces, we also often work with our brides and grooms on completely custom designs and themes. At Big Apple Florist we especially excel in the creation of modern and slightly abstract centerpieces. An example of this would be the incorporation of seed and branches and dynamic unnatural shapes in centerpieces. Big Apple Florist has a substantial amount of expertise in using materials like greenery, stones, candles, vases, and mirror tiles in centerpieces to make them even more memorable.

What types of reception flowers can big apple florist provide?

Big Apple Florist offers a wide variety of ceremony and reception floral arrangements. As a seasoned, premium nyc wedding florist, Big Apple Florist’s reception flowers and arrangements will light up a wedding hall with the adornment of colors and theme you desire.  Big Apple Florist offers a variety of fragrant bouquets that line the wall and drive the floral color theme of the wedding home.  These can range from the traditional white wedding roses to more ostentatious arrangements of lilies and seeds.  Big Apple Florist can furnish reception flower arrangements featuring dendrobium orchids, allium, Casablanca lilies, willow branches, and other arrangements that complement the brides bouquet. Additionally, Big Apple Florist has a rich background combining the traditional colors with and modern deep reds and blacks. Ideally, Big Apple Florist can work with you to create the vision of the reception bouquet you have in mind.


What styles of wedding bouquets does big apple florist offer?

In many ways, the bouquet is the star of the show at any wedding.  At Big Apple Florist we have a variety of  in-house  bouquets and arrangements to choose from. These arrangements will catch the eyes of everyone in attendance and the photographer for good measure. As a top NYC wedding florist, we offer stunning lilac orchid and rose wedding bouquets, spanning a natural, traditional and modern feel. Many of our in-house bouquets are inspired by the most notable weddings in New York history. However, many of the bouquets we provide use exotic one of a kind ingredients that will help the bride stand out in a positive way. Additionally, Big Apple Florist provides customized wedding bouquets that are sure to be as inspired as our clients.


NYC Wedding flowers – wedding centerpieces, wedding bouquets & more.

Many business owners consider how flowers and plants in their office can make a statement about their business. But today many companies have found flowers to be a therapeutic and creativity boosting influence in the workplace. One of the best ways a business owner can create a sense of optimism in their establishment is with a well-planned and weekly-managed flower arrangement.


Need weekly flower arrangements NYC?

Aside from how a floral arrangement can enhance your office’s décor they can also create a sense of calm. A significant amount of research affirms the link between fragrances, the presence of flowers, and relaxation. This research has also linked the presence of flowers to employee productivity and creativity. An aesthetically pleasing arrangement can create a sense of zen. Having your office’s floral arrangement refreshed and maintained weekly keeps things clean and fresh. This makes your sense of comfort and repose consistent while making sure there are no leaves or messes left behind.


Where are the best spots in an office to have weekly flower arrangements?

Designing a floral arrangement requires knowledge of flowers, and what conditions are best for each specific type. An nyc florist, or plant specialist will know what kind of flowers work and where to place them.  The lobby is the face of your business so a floral arrangement there is essential. After the lobby, another key location is the reception desk. Studies show that flowers facilitate communication. This means a bright pleasing arrangement is perfect for the reception area. A floral arrangement lined along an offices hallway adds a sense of elegance. The corners of a large desk or a book shelf are also ideal places for an arrangement in an office.

Many modern lobbies are designed to convey a sense of authority in a particular industry.  A floral arrangement can enhance your nyc office while at the same time refresh the sense of vitality and authority.  When it comes to enhancing the experience and attentiveness of the work force flowers near cubicle areas are ideal.  A thoughtful and well maintained cubicle arrangement can put the mind of a stressed employee at ease.


How do I find an nyc florist for weekly flower arrangements?

In order to find a nyc florist that can make your office an inviting place where things get done,  find out what each company has to offer. Nyc florists like Big Apple Florist will furnish a variety of different arrangements and the requisite vases and bouquets needed to fit the interior design of any office. It is also essential to look for a firm with a track record of satisfied customers like Big Apple Florist. This company has been making offices more beautiful while delivering flowers throughout New York City since 1945. Apart from their years of excellent service Big Apple Florist provides an in-office consultation. A florist with this sort of an eye for detail will find the right arrangement necessary to convey the message you want. Call Big Apple Florist for a consultation and let them show you how they can beautify your workspace.

NYC Florist – impress your clients with NYC weekly flower arrangements